Ministry Name: Usher’s
Chairperson: Eric Griffin

Mission Statement:

1 Peter 4:9 – Practice hospitality to one another and do it ungrudgingly.
The mission of the Usher’s Ministry is to accommodate every worshipper who enters Second Baptist Church with a seat in the most pleasant and efficient manner possible.
–          Provide a comfortable, God-fearing and an orderly atmosphere for all who come inside, with our arms open wide.
–          Ensure the members and guests receive all necessary needs to enjoy a pleasant worship experience.
–          Ensure that each member and guest is safe and the sanctuary is setup for worship.
–          Strive to make Second Baptist Church a place where people want to join because of the care received from the Ushers.


To help our church accomplish its overall mission, by presenting a positive and loving atmosphere at each worship service.  The ushers will attempt to greet every person who enters our building and assist them in any way possible.
–          Actively participate in our church programs and services.
–          Be a positive representative of the church to its members and guests.
–          Be courteous, kind, considerate, friendly and helpful to all who enter our church.

Meeting dates / times:

Every 1st Thursday at 7:00pm