Ministry Name: Trustees
Chairperson: Pamela Woody-Eaton.

Mission Statement:
Trustees – The Church has put its confidence in the Trustee Ministry to be good stewards of all that God has given us. God is the creator and provider of all things. Marks of a Trustee are persons of the word, Spiritual Sensitivity, Teamwork Capabilities, Openness and Skilled in property and financial matters.

Working alongside the pastor, the deacons, and the deaconess is the trustee ministry. In Corinthians chapter 12 (v.27), the Bible speaks to the many members of the body of Christ. Therefore, all members of the church are interdependent upon one another. Therefore, all the members of the church are interdependent just as all members of the natural body are dependent upon one another. The primary focus of the trustee ministry is to formulate the church budget, take care of the physical building, and they are legal custodians of the church property.

Pamela Woody-Eaton, Chairman
John Childers
Terry Dixon
Barbara Harris
Joel Jean
LaSalle McCoy
Milton Nichols
Brenda Reynolds
Ezzard Williams, Sr.