Our Pastor’s Vision for Second Baptist

PEOPLE IN VISION: Turning the World Right Side Up


To be a church where people will impact and transform our present world into the Kingdom of God!


Transforming the world through a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Christ’s vision was the Great Commission, which tells us as Christians to go forth and tell the good news. With this at the heart of our purpose for existence, we believe God’s vision for Second Baptist Church is to be “a caring community” committed to providing an environment where all, including children and young people, adults and seniors can meet Christ and grow in their faith. Our love for the “Lord” and for our “neighbors” is the driving force behind our efforts to make disciples by meeting people where they are and helping them grow towards maturity as followers of Christ. Fulfillment of our purpose requires a balance of winning lost souls for Christ, building believers in the faith and equipping workers for ministry. This vision can happen by having an environment and facility conducive to learning and worshipping. We must have ministries that are Godly, informative, inspirational and committed to meeting the needs of the people. When the people see this genuine agape love, they will want to be a part of it and share it with others. The following document outlines the essential elements required in order to see our vision become a reality

Second Baptist seeks to make Jesus known to those who have, yet, discovered his love and plan for their lives:

Attendance at Wednesday night and/or Wednesday noonday bible study and Church Sunday School.

Through special events and outreach activities. This requires a willingness to move out of the comfort zone of the sanctuary.

Further developing the Saturday’s Prayer Warriors Ministry; releasing teams into the community and starting a prayer hotline.

Second Baptist seeks to demonstrate God’s love to our community through social action:

Prison Ministry: this would involve visiting and/or conducting a service at a local prison facility.

Substance Abuse Ministry: there are many who face the challenges of overcoming substance abuse. Currently, those in the Chester community are forced to travel to Petersburg, Hopewell and surrounding areas. The availability of a local site to conduct meetings would provide greater opportunity to witness to those who may be lost.

Second Baptist seeks to recognize, develop and release gifts and ministry into the church and community.

Benevolence Ministry: to assist individuals and families with severe financial situations. Provide clothing, shelter and counseling.

Media Ministry: to reach the sick and shut-in and those whose work schedules do not allow them to attend the 8:00 a.m. or 10:30 a.m. Service.

Ministry Training: to equip those who have been chosen as ministry heads through extensive leadership training.

Better utilization of professional skills/services of members for the edification of God’s body of believers, i.e., sponsoring seminars on various topics, including but not limited to the following: home buying, debt management, healthy living.

Women’s Ministry: to bring together young single parents, the single women and married, allowing them an opportunity to fellowship with one another.

Men’s Ministry: to bring together young single parents, the single men and married men, allowing them an opportunity to fellowship with one another.

Second Baptist seeks to work hard to reach out to children and youth through meaningful programs.

Young Adult Ministry (19 and older): there is a need to bring young adults into the body of Christ. Sponsor programs and events geared towards ages 16-30. (Christian book reader, youth community outreach, volunteer programs)

Youth Newsletter: to inform the youth of the events in the church and community, acknowledge those for a job well done, job advertisements, etc.

As Second Baptist seeks to make our vision a reality, we must recognize that prayer is a priority. Relying on the Operation of the Holy Spirit for strength and direction is our mission. Sharing our faith in Jesus Christ, working hard and raising our voices to advocate Christian values in our community will save many souls.

In closing, we must continually strive to deepen our own faith and commitment to Jesus Christ and welcome others to join us in this joyful experience.