Ministry Name: Deaconess:
Chairperson: Deaconess Cardalla Fisher 

Mission Statement:
The Deaconess – Ministry is dedicated to the service of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, to maintain strong Christian character and to always be ready and willing to assist in carrying out the mission of the church. The Deaconesses are women of prayer and integrity, who are sincere and faithful to the work we have been called to do.

Meeting dates /times:
The Tuesday before the 2nd Sunday of each month @ 7:00 pm

The idea of the deaconess is not new. There were deaconess in the New Testament church, in the churches of the first several centuries, and there are deaconesses in today’s churches. She was called the assistant or minister to deacons. Paul praised the women in his letters. He did not refer to gender when he wrote to the churches of Rome (Rom 12:1-8) and Corinth. (I Cor. 12L1-31) about the gift they may have been given, the service expected of them, and the oneness of the church as the body of Christ.