Year 1945

Rev. Edward D. McCrae had a vision of a church that was free of the strict rules and dues of the Methodist Conference. From this vision the Second Baptist church was established on May 20, 1945. Rev. McCrae served faithfully as its pastor until his death.

Year 1968

In October 1968 Rev. William Powell was called by the Holy Spirit to become the next pastor of the church and serve the Chester community. Under his leadership, the church continued to grow and many improvements were made to serve the congregation.

Year 1987

Just over forty years after establishment of the “old church”, we stepped out on faith and constructed a new edifice on Rt. 10 in Chester. Three years later three multi-purpose rooms were added to the original structure. Rev. Powell continued to serve as pastor until his retirement in November 1992.

Year 1993

In November 1993, Rev. Johnnie Fleming was called to pastor Second Baptist Church, he was installed in January 1994. Under his leadership the church continued to grow. One of Rev. Fleming’s greatest ambitions was to grow the youth ministry. Because of this emphasis, a children’s church was established and led by several outstanding youth ministers.

Year 2003

Due to continued growth and overcrowding, the decision was made to go to two worship services on Sunday. To further address the overcrowding issue, “Operation Build” was commissioned to research and develop a plan for future church expansion.

Year 2006

The Pastor was blessed with the Master of Divinity degree from the Samuel D. Procter School of Theology in May 2006. Operation Build developed a recommendation to expand the church to include an educational wing.

Year 2009

The decision to expand became a reality. A contractor was chosen, financing was arranged and additional property was acquired to accommodate the expansion. Ground breaking was held on Sunday, December 13, 2009. That which had been a dream was becoming a reality.

Year 2011

The expansion of the Church was completed on January 16, 2011. Psalm 127:1 states, “Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that build it”. We give all honor, praise, and glory to God. Without Him, we could not have come this far.

Year 2012

As requests for usage of the expanded church increased, it was necessary to formulate policies to govern and manage those requests. As a result, a Church Usage Policy was presented to the Executive Council and adopted by the church in 2012.

Year 2013

As part of the expansion, the church had utilized a gravel parking lot to accommodate additional members. This lot was upgraded, paved and landscaped in 2013 to better serve the congregation and enhance the appearance of the church.

Year 2014

In January of 2014,the pastor celebrated his 20th year of serving the Lord at Second Baptist Church. The celebration was held at the Fort Lee Officers club and was attended by the congregation and many civic and church leaders from the community. The fellowship hall was named “Reverend Johnnie Fleming, Jr. Fellowship Hall”.
The men of Second Baptist Church successfully completed two (2) “Kingdom Man” studies, each comprised of six (6) lessons. The “Kingdom Man” studies, by Pastor Tony Evans, challenges and equips men from all walks of life to fully understand, accept, and appreciate their position under God.

Year 2015

In January 2015, nearly one hundred (100) Second Baptist Church women enrolled in and successfully completed a six (6) weeks long enrichment study entitled “Kingdom Woman”. This study calls every Christian woman to be bold & confident in walking and living in the Power of God.
A sacrificial giving project was begun (May) to assist the church in paying down the mortgage. An initial goal of collecting $100,000 in one year was set.
Reverend Sandra White joined the church and began serving as an Associate Minister.

Year 2016

May 15, 2016 marked the 1st anniversary of the Second Baptist Church (SBC “sacrificial giving” initiative designed to lead to early retirement of the church mortgage. SBC members and friends gave generously and sacrificially, all year long, to easily exceed the $100,000 annual recurring goal. The initiative is expected to repeat for seven (7) years or until the mortgage is retired (whichever occurs first).
Reverend Shelitta D. Moore joined the church and began serving as an Associate Minister. She has taken on the performing arts ministry and is doing an awesome job. The praise dance ministry is well on their way to providing a crucial element to our ministry. Great Job, Reverend Shelitta Moore for operating in your gift.
SBC Diaconate added to the roll, in November 2016, two new deacons (Dewey Gunn & Barry White) and three new deaconesses (Tara Campbell, Ola Gunn, & Brenda White). The new arrivals of our diaconate members are certainly proving to be a blessing to the ministry of SBC. We are thankful to the Lord for sending them to us.

Year 2017

Pastor celebrated 23 years of faithful service to SBC the 3rd Sunday in January. Guest speakers were Reverend Christopher B Moore, Pavilion of Joy, Chester Va. and Reverend Harry Carter, pastor of Mount Olive Baptist Church, Littleton, N.C.
Sharon Nichols and the committee did a wonderful and successful job with the Black History Month awareness. The Richmond Boys Choir of Virginia was our featured guest for the 3rd week and the 4th week concluded with the culminating Gala banquet featuring the Golden Harmoneers from NC. It was well attended by many.

The Sacrificial Giving project has been successful. God is continuing to remain faithful in the area of giving as we demonstrate our faith, God honors his promise to bless us. Special thanks to the members of SBC for the great display of their faith toward this project.

Reverend Howard Milligan and his family joined the church and began serving as an Associate Minister.

The Lord has also blessed us with three trustees added “to” the ministry of SBC. Special Thanks to Barry White, who is now a deacon, for all of his service and commitment to the ministry. Job, well done.

God is continuing to favor the ministry with new families joining our ministry, as well as, new arrivals are finding their places to be used by the Lord. A special shout out to the newly joined Choir and usher ministries. You are really making a difference at SBC.

Lastly, I am very pleased and happy with the way in which almighty God has set us up for Success. Way to Go SBC! “A Loving Church” by the side of the road; 5100 W. Hundred Road; Chester, VA 23831.