Year 1945

Reverend Edward D. McCrae had a vision. He envisioned the idea of a church void of the strict rules and dues of the Methodist Conference. Thus evolved the Second Baptist Church; a congregational church established May 20, 1945. Rev. McCrae served faithfully as its pastor until his death.

The Reverend W. H. Hines preached the first sermon. His text was taken from Isaiah 1. The title of the sermon was The Ox Knows His Owner. Some of the first church members were Elizabeth McCrae, George Hancock, and Margaret Moses-Hancock and some of her children: George Boyd, Mr. Eli Hammond, Jesse Cobb, Louise Branch, James Brown, Oggie Tiller, Lucille Hammond, Mable Hancock, Pearl Hancock, Amos Allen, Walter Hancock, Gertrude Jones, Will Jones, Willie Moses and others. Pearl Hancock was the Church Clerk. The first revival was held October 1, 1945, conducted by Reverend Andrew Smith of Tabernacle Baptist Church in Winterpock, Virginia.

With the failing health of Reverend McCray, Reverend Alonzo Elliott became our Assistant Pastor. After the death of Reverend McCrae, ministers such as Reverend J. H. Quick and Reverend Johnnie Crews rendered services to keep the church active. For several years there was no preached Word, but there was always Sunday School.

Year 1968

In October 1968, Reverend William E. Powell was led by the Holy Spirit to become the Pastor of the church, helping to serve a growing Chester community. Lillian Clay Hicks, Theresa Clay Brown and Ann Lee Reynolds were three little girls who continued to participate in Sunday School. With only a handful of members and three deacons to help him, they were George Hancock, Herman Bland Sr., and David Alexander. He was also blessed with James Brown Sr. and Harold Bruce as Trustees.

Under the leadership of Reverend Powell and the dedication of the members, Second Baptist Church was blessed with great improvements in the old church. A new choir stand, bathrooms and heating system were some of the major improvements.

As Second Baptist continued to grow in spirit and in love, God continued to send willing workers. Among them were Reverend Norman Davis, who served as our assistant pastor and Reverend Stephen Hewlett who served as our associate minister.

We were blessed by the Lord as evidence by new members joining our church family and by the continual growth of our auxiliaries. We had five choirs, Junior and Senior Missionary Circles, Vacation Bible School, Wednesday noonday and night Prayer and Bible Study, an active Usher and Junior Deacon Board, a Young Women’s Auxiliary, a Helping Hands Committee, a Mother’s Board, a Young Men’s Club and a Hospitality Committee.

Year 1987

Forty years after opening the doors, we stepped out on faith and built a new edifice that was dedicated to spreading Christian love and fellowship. We have been in this beautiful building since February 1987.

Year 1989

The Lord allowed us to complete the first part of our church, the parking lot and erect the steeple. A few years’ later three multipurpose rooms were added. Reverend William E. Powell retired November 1992 after serving Second Baptist for twenty-four years.

Year 1993-94

God continued to guide the Second Baptist Church family as we prayerfully sought God’s guidance in our pastoral search. In November 1993, Reverend Johnnie Fleming, Jr., was called to pastor Second Baptist Church and he answered the call zealously. He was installed in January 1994. Under his leadership membership has continued to increase. The pastoral staff increased as God continues to send workers. It included Reverend Christopher Moore, Reverend Berl Robertson, Reverend Arthur Werts, Reverend Pate Pearson and Reverend Donald Johnson, who joined the church family under Reverend Powell’s ministry.

As “A Loving Church By the Side of the Road” Second Baptist has flourished under the leadership of Reverend Fleming. The following ministries have been added: Youth, Scholarship, Audio, Senior Citizens, Radio Broadcast and Nursery.

Year 1995-2000

Second Baptist is currently becoming a church of young people seeking an innovative way of serving God and learning His word. Reverend Fleming’s ministry is one way of reaching out to let everyone learn the ways of Salvation. He envisioned God as doing a “new thing” in 1995.

God blessed the Second Baptist Youth Ministry with the spiritual guidance of several Youth Ministers: Reverend Arthur Werts (1996-1998), Reverend Pate Pearson (1998-1999) and Reverend Vernard Hinton (1999-2001).

Deaconess Penny Stallworth was licensed as the first female minister at Second Baptist Church on August 5, 2000.

As the church grew, the motto “A Little Church by the Side of the Road Where Everybody is Somebody” no longer fit, and therefore the church adopted the motto, “A Loving Church By the Side of the Road.”

Year 2001

On November 24, 2001, Earl Fisher, Titus Collins and Lylton Tisdale were ordained as new Deacons. Joining them as Deaconess were Felecia Barwell and Regina Collins.

Year 2002

A Children’s Church was started to teach our youth between the ages of 6-11 on their level about our Lord and Savior. In 2002 God sent a new messenger to Second Baptist Church, the Reverend Hodari K. Hamilton, to serve as Youth Minister. In keeping with our church motto, to welcome and greet our visitors and members, the Ministry of Greeters was formed and began serving each Sunday. Mother Mary Abbyss became secretary and served in that capacity until 2005 and was organist for the Men’s Choir and the Inspirational Choir.

Year 2003

A committee was formed to discuss the issue of two services due to growth in attendance. We started out on a trial basis, having two services in June, July and August on the first and fourth Sundays of each month. This helped eliminate overcrowding and brought to fruition Pastor Fleming’s vision to reach out and spread the gospel to people working graveyard shift, which allowed them to come in from work.

A proposal was brought forth by Dwight Eaton to form an Educational Fund to assist the current Ministerial Staff. It was called PEIP (Pastoral Education Incentive Fund). Myron Green, Barry White and Barbara Smith were members of the committee to do research. This fund would make it possible to further their education, which would be an investment to the church and a benefit to the person. This program was approved by the church and would be implemented in 2004, as a ministry.

We ordained our Youth Minister – Reverend Hodari K. Hamilton. Also a proposal was put forth to make way for the position of Minister of Music.

The Deacon-Elect: James Delph, Matthew Wilkerson and Eric Simmons. The Deaconess-Elect were Darbara Simmons, Myron Green and Patricia Pickett. Titus Collins was appointed chairman of the Deacon’s Ministry as Deacon Junius McLean relocated to Georgia.

Year 2004

In February 2004, the position of Program Activity Coordinator (PAC) was approved by the Church. Pastor Fleming appointed Pamela Woody-Eaton. The role of PAC was to promote and evaluated appropriate and effective ministry programs. This would be done by providing guidance in early planning, ensure guest speakers are acceptable by Pastor and to pass on all information to the Pastor, in a timely manner.

Our Annual Family and Friends Day was held at Enon Park, in June with service in the park as well as good food, singing and games for the kids. This event was attended by over 500 people. Deacon Lylton Tisdale and his ward were the organizers for this fellowship.

Two new trustees were added: Barry White, Sr., and Vanessa Wilkerson.

We thank God for the increase and overflow of new members which allowed us to have two services every Sunday, 8:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m. and Sunday School at 9:25 a.m. This started officially May 1, 2004 (Ain’t God Good). A new marquee was put in place and served as a visual sign on the outside to make it known what was going on spiritually inside.

Trustee Barry White was appointed as chairman of Operation Build. This committee’s purpose is to develop and research our church expansion. October, two names were submitted to the body of Deacons. They were faithful in serving, Deacon Shelley Hill and Deacon Arthur Gregory to be reinstalled. The Deacons that were ordained were Matthew Wilkerson, Eric Simmons and James Delph. The Deaconesses who were consecrated were Darbara Simmons and Myron Green.

In December, Pastor Fleming was blessed with another daughter called into the ministry. Deaconess Felecia Barwell announced that she had been called to preach the gospel. The church body continued to pray and encouraged her to follow God’s call.

Year 2005

In February, Joyce Hamlett became the Clerk at Second Baptist Church. In April, a recommendation was made to install a sound system room in the rear of the church. It was installed. A job description form was drawn up and background checks for the hiring of salaried staff at the Church. A full time Secretary was filled by Lynn Sumpter. Operation Build continues to research information for the enlargement of the Church.

There has been facelifts made to Second Baptist to include handrails installed at the main entrance of the Church, traffic control rope used by the Ushers. A projector has also been purchased for Ministry use.

Additions were made to the Diaconate Ministry: the Deacon’s Ministry additions were Kevin Barnes and Jimmie Hill; the Deaconess Ministry was Janet Wynn and Cynthia Carter; the Trustee Ministry was Clara King and John Drake.

Additions to the Ministerial Staff are Reverend Gladys Robinson, Reverend Carolyn Brown and Reverend Kevin Carter. Khadijah Hamilton announced her call to ministry.

Year 2006

In March, Reverend Fleming declared a church wide “fast” to extend until Easter Sunday. The Trustee Ministry began conducting driver training classes for the use of the Church van or cars rented in the name of Second Baptist Church.

Praises be to God our Father for another year of Second Baptist Church being a beacon of light for the LORD in the Chester Community. June started out with Family and Friend’s Day at Harry Daniels Park, hosted by the Deacons of Second Baptist Church. Great food, fun, and fellowship were enjoyed by all in the name of the Lord.

Baptismal candidates continue to grow as well as new members giving their heart to Christ. Second Baptist has been blessed to increase its membership by eighty-five (85) people joining as new members during the year of 2006. In keeping with God’s word that the body is the temple of the Lord, Second Baptist implemented a new Fitness Ministry under the direction of Sister Debra Cameron and Brother Curtis Simpson.

The Trustee Ministry was busy with the work of the Lord in 2006, and was blessed with an increase in its ministry in the persons of Ezzard Williams and Joey Mason. Thanks to the efforts of Trustee Barry White, our Operation Build Project moved forward in the building of our Education Wing’s plan. Three significant events occurred as a result of the forward movement. Davis Brothers Contracting Company was sent a Letter of Intent, Wachovia Bank became the bank of choice, and Trustee Clara King volunteered to be the Chairperson for the financial campaign of the Operation Build Project. Financial Teller positions were solicited, and four (4) positions were filled in late fall of 2006. The Trustee Ministry was not the only ministry that received growth in 2006. Janet Wynn, walking Deaconess, Sunday School Teacher and Treasurer announced her call and acceptance to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Reverend Wynn preached her Initial Sermon in October 2006 and was licensed as Associate Minister of Second Baptist Church. In addition, Philip Beazer also announced his call to the ministry. Reverend Lornetta Chaney was added to our ministerial staff as our Young Adult Minister.

The Deacons and Deaconess Ministries also experienced growth. Two Deacons were called to serve in the persons of Kevin Barnes and Jimmie Hill, and Walking Deaconess Cynthia Carter was consecrated as a Deaconess of Second Baptist Church. We had four (4) Walking Deacons in the persons of Calvin Brown, Derrick Reed, Charles Sumpter and Edward Odell Williams. Four (4) Deaconess are also in line for consecration. They are Cardalla Fisher, Beatrice Furlow, Lynette Mullins, and Isha Reed.

Our Pastor was blessed to receive a Master of Divinity from the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University in May 2006. Reverend Gladys Robinson and Reverend Khadijah Hamilton, Associate Ministers, and Reverend Lornetta Chaney, Young Adult Minister also graduated from the Samuel DeWitt Proctor School of Theology at Virginia Union University in May 2007 with Master of Divinity Degrees.

In October 2006 the Pastor and the Royal followers of Second Baptist Church celebrated the face lift of the sanctuary. Purple carpet was installed in the sanctuary, and the pews and chairs were re-upholstered in a matching hue that off set the carpet perfectly. The Young Adult Choir celebrated their first (1st) Anniversary in 2006 under the direction of Sister Leticia Walton.

Year 2007

Khadijah Hamilton preached her Initial Sermon in March 2007 and was licensed as an associate Minister of Second Baptist Church. Our transportation fleet was increased in March 2007 with the purchase of a 2006 Ford 26-passenger motor coach. The Praise Dance Ministry continued to grow and two additional groups were formed: Buds of Promise, ages 3-7 and the Butterflies of Praise, ages 8-12. The Second Baptist Step Team continued to grow and a new group was formed to accommodate the ages 5-9.

Second Baptist was happy to have had our Youth Minister, Reverend Hodari Hamilton, who has been with us for five (5) years. We bid Reverend Hamilton and his family farewell and God’s speed as he entered into the work of the Lord in another venue May 2007. Bobbie Anderson served as liaison for the youth Ministry until the position could be filled. Reverend Lornetta Chaney stepped down as Young Adult Minister in July of 2007. Reverend Kevin Carter and Deaconess Cynthia Carter have been asked to be a team to come up with ways to develop this Ministry. Barbara Allen, Barbara Harris, Carolyn Dixon and Brenda Reynolds were the Financial Tellers which were implemented in early 2007. In July of 2007 Pastor Fleming traveled to Ghana, West Africa, where he spoke at a Conference while touring the Motherland. Other members and friends accompanied him on this trip. Second Baptist Church will be used as an emergency station for students of Chesterfield County. Second Baptist started printing its 0wn checks in August of 2007.

Charles Sumpter acknowledged his call into the Ministry in October, 2007. Seven new Diaconate members were ordained and consecrated on Sunday, October 14, 2007 during the 10:30 a.m. service. They were Deacons Calvin Brown, Odell Williams and Derrick Reed; for Deaconess Isha Reed, Cardalla Fisher, Lenette Mullins and Beatrice Furlow.

A Pledge Committee was formed in mid 2007 to insure support for the Mortgage of the new addition to expand Second Baptist Church. Pledge packets were mailed out to each family of Second Baptist. Myron Green resigned from the Diaconate Ministry in October 0f 2007.

Second Baptist has been blessed with the increase of Ministers. Reverend Cheryl Jackson-Butts, Reverend H. Reginald Carter, Reverend Jackie Patton and Reverend Lizzie Hewitt joined Second Baptist Church.

Year 2008

A time to be ministered to, Pastor and First Lady Fleming attended the Proctor Conference held in New Orleans. First female Deacon to be installed at SBC is Deacon Shelley Hill, Chair. Deaconess Clementine Fleming, Chair and Trustee Pamela Woody-Eaton, Chair.

Our Revival theme “Back to your Roots” 2 Timothy 3:16-17 was highlighted by Pastor Fleming and we were adorned in our African attire.

Rev. Cheryl Jackson-Butts and Rev. Kevin and Deaconess Cynthia Carter resigned.

On February 24, 2008 three more Trustees were sworn in and added: Trustee Brenda Reynolds, Trustee Joey Mason and Trustee Ezzard Williams.

In April, a Pledge Committee was formed for Operation Build. A newsletter entitled, “Voices of the Faithful” was created by Clinton and Effie Cole which will be distributed quarterly. Operation Build’s plans are still in motion. In August, new drums were purchased for the Music Ministry.

Year 2009

Pastor Fleming was the speaker at the 110th Annual Session of the Baptist General Convention held at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Richmond, surely an honor. Twenty-three of his faithful members and some that work in the area attended.

April, Reverend Maurice Bowles, III became the Youth Minister of SBC. The property at, 5126 West Hundred Road was purchased as part of Operation Build Expansion. The trailer on the property was put to use as office space during the transition of Operation Build.

On May 6, Chesterfield County approved SBC’s site plan to build, Glory!! New Scholarship committee was formed. Youth Ministry name change to Frontline Ministry and lead by Rev. Maurice Bowles III.

Clara King and Leslie Hall were liaisons for Operation Build. The majority of the permits needed has been obtained. We are moving forward with God on our side! Greeters received new umbrellas. Trustee Raymond Christian resigned.

The Young Adult Choir was renamed The New Generation Choir directed by Leticia Walton. An Internal Audit was performed on the finances of the Church.

Ground Breaking Ceremony took place in the Second Baptist Church Sanctuary, due to rain, Sunday, December 13, 2009 following the 10:30 a.m. service. Monday, December 14, 2009 the grounds became an active working site.

Year 2010

Always striving to do God’s work in decency and order, Pastor Fleming spear headed the update of our Constitution and By-Laws.

Operations Chair, Clara King, continued to give updates on Operation Build. Pastor Fleming was inspired to name our new classrooms from Galatians 5:22, Fruits of the Spirits.

John Drake resigned as Trustee and Rev. Jackie Patton resigned.
Darbara Simmons was reinstated to the Deaconess Ministry. Earl Fisher resigned from Deacon Ministry. Rev. Brian Walker Sr. announced that he has been called to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Church services were held at Elizabeth Davis Middle School while the Church was being renovated. Church offices are held on property next door, in a trailer we purchased.

Second Baptist was blessed with another increase of Ministers when Reverend Gregory Williams joined.

What had been an idea is now about to be a reality! What had previously been a dream is now about to be planted in the ground. God is still in the Blessing Business, especially here at Second Baptist Church. To God Be the Glory!

Operation Build projected date was to commence Monday, January 18, 2010. The administrative office was relocated into the annex adjacent to the church which was 5126 West Hundred Road. The Sunday Worship services were moved to Elizabeth Davis Middle School and combined into one 10:00 a.m. service for the duration of Operation Build. Bible Study was held at Chester United Methodist Church at 1200 noon and 7:00 p.m. Many local Churches have opened their doors and allowed the Ministries to use their facilities. Choirs, Praise Dancers and various Ministries have met and rehearsed at Harrowgate Worship Center, Chester United Methodist Church, First Baptist Church Centralia, First Baptist Church Historic Site, Chester Christian Church and Chester Baptist Church.

Operation Build continues with many ground breaking changes. The anticipated completion date has been set for November 12, 2010.

Operation Build was not completed in November, 2010. We continued services and ministry meetings at the various churches which opened their doors and offered their hospitality to us. Second Baptist Church Operation Build was completed for services on January 16, 2011. A seven night Dedicatory Service had been planned with various churches taking part in the services.

We realize that if it had not been for God’s grace and mercy we would not have come this far in our sixty-five years. We give all the honor, praise, glory and thanks to God for sending “Fruitful Christians to Second Baptist Church,” for His goodness and mercy are the essential ingredients that has kept Second Baptist Church. In Psalm 127:1, we find these words, Except the Lord build the house, they labor in vain that built it. Let us remember that this is God’s house and it was and is through Him that we have illuminated this corner for 65 years! To God be the glory for the great things He hath done!

Year 2011

We were blessed to move into our renovated edifice, To God Be the Glory! Work to furnish the new additions to the church continued throughout the year.

Upon moving into our new edifice, we had a lot to Praise God for. January 22, 2011 we sponsored a Community Day Open House, 11:00 am – 3:00 pm, a celebration of Faith, Fellowship and Fun. Christian Comedian, Jason Earls, Lyrics are performing Spoken Word Poetry and skit, and Janet Copeland performing music. Our Dedication Service was held January 23, 2011. Bermuda District Supervisor Dorothy Jaeckle sent a letter proclaiming us a FIRST CHOICE community through excellence in public services. Luke Towles from BB&T Bank, expressed gratitude for working with SBC during the loan process and mentioned how impressive the package submitted with all financial data requested!

January 24 -28, we celebrated nightly with guest speakers, Rev. Antonio Baker, Rev. Dr. Wilson E. B. Shannon, Rev. Dr. Robert Diggs, Sr., Rev. Lyndon Johnson and Rev. Dr. Margaret Kutz.

Thank you Lord! Except the Lord build the house they labor in vain that build it. Psalm 127:1. Church Usage Policy document was adopted. Upon Cathy Jones’ resignation as chair of Media, Barry White, Sr. stepped up.

Effie Cole 2 year appointment ended as a representative on the 10% committee. She was replaced by First Lady Clementine Fleming.

Officials of Church were Deacon James Delph, Chair; Deaconess Beatrice Furlow, Chair; Trustee Joey Mason, Chair. Sexton Ezzard Williams resigned December 31, 2011. We gave Praise for the addition of 30 new members. The Trustee Ministry welcomed Howard Eley, Jr. and Herman Starks.

Minister Alexandria Hawkins was asked to become the Youth Minister after a 90-day internship.

Reverend Brian Walker preached his initial sermon at SBC in June 2011.

Year 2012

As we continue to beautify our church, Solar film was installed on Sanctuary doors facing Rt. 10, blocking being able to view inside. Brenda White led the newly developed Music Enhancement Committee.

Officials for this year were Deacon Chair James Delph, Deaconess Chair Clementine Fleming and Trustee Pamela Woody-Eaton.

We as the Church body whole heartily welcome the increase of 30 new members. Beautiful stained glass murals were put in at the Route 10 entrance and Baptismal Pool opening. Joey Mason resigned from Trustee ministry. The purchase of a new concert performer/piano will assist with singing Praise to God Almighty.

The PAC coordinators are Deaconess Clementine Fleming and Trustee Pamela Woody-Eaton, assisting with programs laid out to insure Pastor’s mandates are adhered to.

In April 2012 new members were added to the Diaconate. Deacons: Clinton Cole, Virgil Coleman, and Lawrence Wingfield. Deaconess: Mecedes Coleman, Faye Delph, and Justine Wingfield.

The church continued to develop plans for converting the property at 5126 West Hundred Road into a parking lot. The church media was enhanced by purchasing a DVD/CD writer to record church services and a new mixer which requires the use of only one amplifier for all musicians. A maintenance-free electronic piano was also purchased.

Barbara Harris joined the Trustee Ministry after successful completion of a six-month probationary period. The Trustee Ministry also began searching for a church Sexton.

Reverend Brian Walker began conducting Young Adult Bible Study classes and accepted the position as the Young Adult Minister.

Reverend Alexander Hawkins resigned the position of SBC Youth Minister.

Year 2013

Thank you Lord for the increase of new members by the count of 30. For purpose of overflow, TV’s were installed in the Fellowship Hall, and for teaching Bible Study in room Love. Pastor and First Lady Fleming departed for Africa. Dr. Joseph Wilkins of Health and Wellness donated a wheelchair to the Church. SBC donated hymnal books and communion items to Shiloh Baptist Church in Richmond, VA. Newly Velvet Reserved signs were placed on the first 3 pews on both sides of the Sanctuary. Shaneeka Jones led the planning of VBS.

The church sanctuary was enhanced by several additional items/features: 100 African-American hymnals, 150 new bibles, four new speakers for the choir area and two 80-inch televisions. A commercial ice maker and a garbage disposal were added to the kitchen. A laptop was also purchased for church use.

The serenity room (2nd floor) was completed for use as a prayer & meditation space or as an area for sick persons to rest.

The new parking lot with additional handicap spaces was completed and a five-foot white privacy fence was erected around it as separation from the adjoining private property.

Family & Friends Day was celebrated on June 23 at Point of Rocks Park in Chester.

Youth minister, Reverend Brian Walker, received his Master of Divinity from Virginia Union University.

Long-time church pianist & choir directress Jean Lively was honored with an appreciation service for her many years of service to the church. Bertram Boisseau, another pianist & choir director, resigned after serving faithfully for many years.
The church began the process of searching for a Minister of Music. Seven applicants applied for the position.

Year 2014

Growing new members, a total of 27 planted here at SBC. Installed as new Trustee Chair, Howard Eley. Barry White replaced Eley as Trustee Chair in October. Deacon Shelley Hill resigned as Treasurer.

In January of 2014,the pastor celebrated his 20th year of serving the Lord at Second Baptist Church. The celebration was held at the Fort Lee Officers club and was attended by the congregation and many civic and church leaders from the community. The fellowship hall was named “Reverend Johnnie Fleming, Jr. Fellowship Hall”.

Led by Brenda White, a committee embarked on finding a website development company to enhance the church website. The committee obtained the services of Sharper FX.

Corey Brown was appointed as the new Minister of Music.

A bereavement committee was formed to assist church members, as needed, during a bereavement process. The committee’s proposed guidelines were approved by the church membership.

Year 2015

SBC welcomed 30 new members, Praise God for the increase. Church’s appraisal came in at 3 million and coverage with Church Mutual will be updated. Deacon Virgil Coleman will be relocating to Arkansas and resignation was accepted and Tara Campbell resigned as Financial Secretary. Deacon’s Chair, Deacon Clinton Cole; Deaconess Chair, Deaconess Clementine Fleming; Trustee Chair, Trustee Barry White, Sr. served in these positions.

Wireless service (Wi-Fi) was made available throughout the church. Additional building improvements were completed, including the exterior concrete stairs outside of the Pastor’s office. New lighting was installed above the piano and the organ in the sanctuary.

The section of the Missionary Society’s bylaws that pertained to the amounts dispersed for various events was updated.

A sacrificial giving project began in (May) to assist the church in paying down the mortgage. An initial goal of collecting $100,000 in one year was exceeded by December. Pastor Fleming also blessed the idea of forming a committee to develop fundraising ideas.

The updated church website created by Sharper FX was completed and included many new features, including the ability to give tithes and offering through a PayPal transaction.

Due to continued internal challenges, the church hired a contract accountant to handle the majority of the church finances.

Reverend Sandra White joined the church and began serving as an Associate Minister.

Year 2016

May 15, 2016 marked the 1st anniversary of the Second Baptist Church (SBC “sacrificial giving” initiative designed to lead to early retirement of the church mortgage. SBC members and friends gave generously and sacrificially, all year long, to easily exceed the $100,000 annual recurring goal. The initiative is expected to repeat for seven (7) years or until the mortgage is retired (whichever occurs first).

As SBC ventures on to make an extra effort to pay our mortgage off early, we have demonstrated our faithfulness, with years’ end totaling $176,370.32. We established a Fund Raising committee, Chairperson First Lady Clementine Fleming, Rev. Johnnie Fleming, Jr., Rev. Brian Walker, Sr., Shirrell Berkeley, Wanda Lightfoot and Corey Brown and Trustee Pamela Woody-Eaton, with ideas from the ministries of the Church. For the next 3 years, all funds will go to the mortgage account.

Praise to the Church for embracing this effort. Associate Rev. Shelitta Moore was among 41 members added to our fold. New ordained Deacons were Barry White, Sr., and Dewey Gunn. We consecrated 3 new Deaconess, Tara Campbell, Brenda White and Ola Gunn. We thank God for them as servants of SBC. Pastor Fleming’s vision to start a security team came to fruition. Chair Robert Anderson, Ezzard Williams, A. J. Starks, Art Taylor and Dwayne Fox took on this task to secure the Church on Sundays.

Pay pal was put on the web as a means of giving contributions. Melissa Jean began serving as the Church Clerk. The Praise Dance Ministry of Movement (MOM) and (YMOM) Youth Ministry of Movement was started under the direction of Rev. Shelitta Moore.

Great things were happening as we continue to be Faithful to our Lord and Savior.

Year 2017

For 72 years SBC has served as a Beacon of Hope, for learning and serving the spiritual and communal needs of the community of Chester and neighboring vicinities. God blessed us with 41 new members that professed their love of the Lord at this branch of Zion. Rev. Howard Milligan and his family joined the church and began serving as an Associate Minister. Joyce G. Hamlett replaced Lynn Sumpter as secretary.

We replaced our online giving app to Givelify. Pastor Johnnie Fleming, Jr. celebrated 23 years of faithful service to the Lord and SBC.

There were major projects to enhance our edifice. Roof replacement due to hail storm damage, outdoor lights were upgraded, paving and resurfacing of 3 parking lots, 2 additional handicap parking spaces and a ceiling projector was installed in the Sanctuary.

We secured a loan from Citizen Bank and Trust, thus replacing BB&T. End of year balance of mortgage reduction account was $295,178.36.  We thank God for all efforts to move toward our goal of paying off our mortgage early.

New sworn diaconate offices were Deacon Chair Clinton Cole/Co-Chair Dewey Gunn; Deaconess Chair Clementine Fleming/Co-Chair Cardalla Fisher, and Trustee Chair Pamela Woody-Eaton. 3 trustee’s names were added to the courthouse, Joel Jean, John D. Childress and Milton Nichols.

Year 2018

 As we continue our journey, we were excited to have 24 new members added to our roster.

Our appointed Chair officers were Deacons- Clinton Cole with Co-chair Dewey Gunn, Deaconess- Clementine Fleming with co-chair Cardalla Fisher, and Trustee Pamela Woody-Eaton. Linda Hines was appointed church representative for our 10% ministry.

Trustee Ezzard Williams Sr. resigned November 7, 2018.

Rev. Johnnie Fleming, Jr. celebrated 24 years as Pastor for his faithful service to the Lord and SBC.  Rev. Antonio Baker, Jr. was our 8:00 am speaker and 10:30 am speaker was Dr. Ray McKenzie, Jr.  Both brought the Word and encouraged Pastor to keep on keeping on.

Believing that God will make a way, in an effort to help reduce our mortgage; many ministries embarked on sponsoring FUN- raising projects to help reduce the mortgage. Our three year total was $49,722.15 which were applied to our money market account. Praise the Lord, it was fun and productive!  In addition, the church paid an extra $200,000.00 toward paying down the church mortgage loan.

In the technology field, more access points were added to enhance our Wi-Fi system. We are also reviewing ways to have more social media accessibility with the purchase of new cameras and media equipment.    

To be proactive in the area of safety, i.e. medical emergencies, mental health issues, and any incidents that could hinder the safety of our congregants Chesterfield Sheriff Officers were employed for security purposes. They were well received by church family.

SBC Homecoming 2018 took place at Enon Park, where members, family and friends of the church came together for a day of food, fun and old-fashion fellowship.  There were approximately 250 people in attendance.

We continue to strive for excellence, for what we do is done unto the Lord. Continued blessings as we journey on to bless God!

 Year 2019

God has continued to favor SBC with adding more sheep to the flock.  We welcomed 7 children, 17 adults and 2 reinstatements.  Thank you Lord for the increase!

Our appointed chairpersons are Deacon Dewey Gunn, Deaconess Cardalla Fisher, and Trustee Pamela Woody-Eaton.  Leslie Hall accepted to serve as the representative of the church on the Budget Committee.  First Lady Clementine Fleming was appointed as honorary member of the Executive Council.  Antoinette Snyder-Freeman is the new church Clerk.

Jesus our Lord has instructed us to pay tribute to whom tribute is due, honor to whom honor is due.  On Saturday, January 19th, Rev. Johnnie Fleming, Jr. and First Lady Clementine Fleming celebrated 25 years of service to SBC.  A banquet was held at the Cultural Center of India with over 225 in attendance.  We showed them what love looks like.  Our guest speaker was Rev. Benjamin Little from Alabama and the Master of Ceremony was Rev. Cavell Phillips.  The Pastor’s family has been instrumental in his ministry.  They were highlighted with a Fleming Family page in the program booklet.  They also ministered to us in song and testimony which truly blessed our souls.  Each guest received a free complimentary picture from One Photo.  This was a memorable occasion.  The celebration continued on Sunday, with guest preacher Rev. Dr. George A. Jones and worship leader, Rev. James “Ed” Maxwell, both from N.C., who reminded us that this weekend was most definitely a time of celebration and confirmation.

The Members were faithful in giving their financial support to the ministry.  It allowed the church to pay an extra $200,000.00 on the mortgage.  God also blessed the church to purchase the adjacent property that had been claimed as ours over 10 years ago.  Won’t He Do It!

Our Performing Arts Ministry continues to flourish.  In addition to the Ministers of Movement Praise Dancers, the ministry has expanded with Drama and Spoken Word.  Rev. Shelitta Moore is the Chairperson. 

In March, SBC hosted the anniversary celebration for Rev. Christopher B. Moore and First Lady Lois Moore of The Pavilion of Joy.  They have contributed and provided support to SBC over the years.  SBC members felt honored to be a part of the celebration. 

SBC has continued to be a beacon of hope and an advocate of equal education for all.  On May 6th, Pastor Fleming accepted on behalf of the church, the Flame Bearers of Education Award from the United Negro College Fund (UNCF).  SBC has contributed support to the UNCF for over 20 years.

An appreciation service was given on May 25th for Deaconess-Emeritus Viola Fisher.  Ma Fisher as she is affectionately known has been a pillar at SBC.  She has served in many capacities for 49 years. 

Since 2012, through the initial efforts of Bro. Howard Corey, SBC has been a sponsor of the Mega Mentors of Chesterfield County.  SBC has over 20 volunteers that are currently serving as mentors for this organization, whose purpose is to make a positive measurable difference in the lives of African Americans and other underrepresented students in the Chesterfield County Public School System.  On May 30, 2019, Mega Mentors presented SBC the 2019 Community Partnership Award.

On June 23rd our Homecoming event was held on SBC campus.   Tents were pitched and lawn chairs were set up outdoors on the campus.  After the worship service, members shared in a great meal, lots of fun, and great fellowship.  There were about 150 in attendance.

Associate Minister, Rev. Howard Milligan and Kimberly Milligan relocated to Tennessee.  A farewell luncheon was given on June 29th.  They will be missed.

Rev. Brian Walker, Sr., our Youth Minister for 7 years, concluded his tenure with SBC in December.  His prayer was answered when he was called to be the pastor of Providence Baptist Church, Prince George, VA.  We bid him Godspeed. 

2019 was a blessed year at SBC.